Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taking a Stand

I have not always been good about applying Fat Acceptance to myself.  It's easy for me to accept others.  Myself, much more difficult.  Then Children's Hospital of Atlanta started their billboard campaign under the name Strong4Life.  The ideas are good, but the execution is horrible.  They use pictures of fat kids and portray them as incredibly unhappy and unhealthy.
Various bloggers in the fat-o-sphere started talking about doing something.  And then Marilyn Wann, author of the book Fat?So! started the STANDards and I submitted my photo.  I don't like my family taking my picture, and I especially don't like full body shots.
I should have realized that this would grow and grow and grow.  I think the part of me that submitted the picture thought only other fatties would see it, and it wouldn't matter.  The part of me that doesn't want these kids in Georgia to be bullied anymore is so so glad that this has just exploded ALL over the place.
That part of me is proud to be part of this fight.  And that's the part of me that doesn't care that there is a full body shot of me floating around the internet.

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