Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Grief

It has been 9 days since my very good friend left this world.  She was like a sister to me.  As much as I love my blood sisters, she was even more of a sister because I chose her.  I don't know why God took her at such a young age.  I only know that she is gone from this earth and is truly in a much better place - of that I have no doubt.
My friend was a very strong woman.  She suffered a lot in her few years.  It seems unfair in many ways that her time here had to be so marred with pain.  On the other hand, she can now see the whole picture, of which we can't see more than the tiniest pixel.  She is looking at Jesus face to face.  For this I should rejoice.  She will never again know pain.  Every question that we have ever had - she has the answer now.  Considering the joy set before her, I wonder if her new knowledge even matters.  I mean, who cares if Adam had a belly button when you are walking the golden streets with the Big Guy!
I learned something about my participation and vocalization in the size acceptance movement while I was at her funeral luncheon.  This is the part that we leave out so much when we talk about loving our bodies and ourselves regardless of size.  We focus so much on the politics of size and instersectionality, and we forget this very very important aspect:  we are as God made us.  He does not make mistakes.  He knows what He is going to do with us - and He has big plans for us.
You are probably saying to yourself "Fat Aspie, you have gone off the deep end.  God does not have some grand plan for fat people."  Maybe not fat people specifically.  But all people, yes.  God loves each and every one of us - even the people who don't believe in Him, or don't believe in organized religion, or don't have perfect behavior.  He loves ALL of us.
I have read in other blogs things that made me so sad; that people claiming the name of Christ would use His name to tear down others for their size.  If you loved Jesus, you wouldn't be fat.  Gluttony is a sin.  And if it were as simple as gluttony causing fatness, and not being gluttonous causing weight loss, I might could maybe think about buying that argument.  But guess what?  The two don't always go together.
My friend had a ministry in which she made sure that young people knew their place in the Kingdom.  She made sure that they knew that as children of The King (no, not Elvis) they are princes and princesses.  She did not want these teens to lose sight of their worth as they matured in this world that often tells us we are worthless.  Someone at her luncheon pointed out to me that what I do can also be a ministry.  (Thank you, R.E.)
Someone needs to be a voice to counteract the people that tell us fatties that we are sinful for being fat.  Someone needs to stand up and shout "GOD LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN".  Someone needs to gently whisper that loving your body enough to take care of it by eating healthy foods and moving with joy as you are able is an act of worship.
Using what God gave you to serve Him - lifting your hands in praise, shouting joyfully, walking through His nature, enjoying the food he has provided you - these are acts of worship.  Cooking for your friends and family, thanking Him for your strong, healthy, ample body - also worship.  God loves us, and he loves it when we focus on Him.
I made a little song from a children's song....

Jesus loves the fatty children
All the fatty children of the world
With our rolls and cellulite
We are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the fatty children of the world

No matter what your religious beliefs are, I hope you take some time to realize that you are a precious, beautiful, worthwhile creation.  The feats accomplished by our bodies on a daily basis are little miracles.  (Big miracles if you think about all the things that have to work together just for something as simple as processing our food).  Even if you do not believe you are created, know that you are wonderful.  You don't have to wait until you are x pounds lighter to be wonderful or to be loved, because you already are.
I love this song by Superchic(k) and I hope you will like it too!  If every girl could see her beauty we could be an army....(sorry about the advert at the beginning of the video, but I wanted to make sure the link would always be good, so I used the official one from the record label)


  1. I absolutely love that song, Superchic(k) has such amazing lyrics! This post had me rejoicing as I read it, you are so right on, my fat body is not evidence that I am sinful, though I am a sinful person, that is my nature as a human. Regardless of our size, what we eat, and how much we do or don't move, God still looks at us and sees perfection because He sees Jesus!

    One thing that I have learned is the more "imperfect" a person is, the more glory God gets when he uses them. So when God uses a person, who seems to be completely imperfect to the world like I do because I am fat,to deliver his message it is a miracle and He gets the glory. That right there is worth rejoicing!

    I am sorry you are dealing with the loss of your friend, but I am ever so happy that you will see them again in Heaven!

  2. Thank you for your thoughts! I thought about your last statement quite a bit this past Sunday. Jesus' resurrection means that I will be able to see her again! (Yes, the sacrifice He made goes way beyond my selfish thoughts....but this is just one more awesome thing about it!)