Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It Gets Better?

I try to be optimistic most of the time.  But sometimes, life makes that really difficult.  There was a campaign a few months ago for LGBT youth telling them how life gets better.  And for them, it probably will.  As they get older and their peers mature, the bullying will reduce.  I'm not going to pretend like no one ever mocks adults in the LGBT community or that adults don't ever feel like they are outside looking in; I'm only pointing out that for people like me - it never gets better.

I have good days, yes.  And I am lucky to have a couple friends who accept my differences and don't laugh when they become more prominent.  However, for me, every day is an exercise in pretending.  Pretending to be normal, pretending to fit in with the others, pretending that I don't care that people talk about me behind my get the idea.

You see, I'm fundamentally different than most of the people around me.  I look differently.  I act differently.  I think differently.  And most of the time, I'm OK with that.

And other times, I wallow in my self pity and write blog articles that no one will ever read whining about the state of my life.

HA!  was just checking if you were paying attention.  I am different.  But I'm really in a good place about it.  Good friends help!

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