Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reluctant Vegetarian

[TMI Warning]
For the last year or so, I have been having problems with my stomach.  I have problems with reflux and gastritis.  I've also had more than my share of nausea and vomiting.  I've always been the girl who would rather sit there and feel horrible than throw up and feel relief, so the fact that I have barfed more times in the last 12 months than the last 12 years is more than somewhat alarming.

[end TMI]

After the last endoscopy, the GI doc gave me a list of foods I shouldn't eat if I want my digestive tract to calm down.  There were not many foods on the "safe" list.  No: coffee (regular or decaf), caffeinated tea, mint tea, mint, dairy, fat, oil, gravy, tomato products, coconut, pineapple, citrus fruit or juice, onion, garlic, fatty meats, chocolate, or spices.  Did I mention no chocolate?  

I can have all the plain rice or pasta I want.  But really, who wants pasta without sauce of some kind?  No cream sauce, no marinara, not even olive oil and garlic.  The doc did finally relent on the olive oil, but in minimal amounts.   No cheese, no ice cream.....

However, I want to get better.  So I started making changes to my diet.  As it turns out, vegetarian with a strong vegan bent seems to be what makes my stomach the happiest.  Dumping milk was easy, after the first sip of soy milk.  I was surprised at how much better it tastes.  And by how much less flatulent I am.  (sorry, more TMI)  Almond milk is equally yummy.  The vanilla varieties are a little sweet, but have their places.

Then I tried the Boca burgers....and was surprised again!  They are yummy.  I just got the plain ones, but it was good.  

This week I am trying more veggie based foods.  I'm not sure about giving up eggs and yogurt though.  I like baked goods way too much, and yogurt helps my belly in ways that other dairy products do not.  We'll see how it goes.

Anyone out there have recipes for things they like?  The only caveat is that I don't like mushrooms; the texture grosses me out.

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